Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 BroadcastAsia Special Edition - Page 30

A PSA WITH A HOME- GROWN TOUCH: BC HYDRO Public service announce- ments must balance sim- plicity with a challenging message if they’re to do their job and capture the attention of the audience at home. Finding that right mix is no easy task—but it’s one Vancouver-based animation studio The Sequence Group was equipped to deliver. Sequence was approached to create a 30-second spot for electric power company BC Hydro, detailing the dangers of downed power lines. The concept was to build a digital diorama con- tained within a snow globe, conveying the message as clearly as possible via an eye-catching aesthetic. The Sequence team was brought on board by TAXI Vancouver, which didn’t have the capacity to han- dle a full-CG spot itself. Ultimately, Sequence han- dled modeling, look dev, concept art and animation— an extensive array of tasks to be completed in just four weeks. “We were given the con- cept—following that it was a question of ‘can we do this on budget?’ and finding a 30 • Broadcast Beat Magazine • way to make that happen,” says Ian Kirby, Sequence’s co-founder and creative director. “Thankfully, we’re good at CG, but we’re also good at designing aesthetics, and this project was more about design than just a straight up CG shot. It feels stormy, but cute—we found that balanced well, delivering an important message without coming across as frighten- ing.” Minute detail Creating a living world