Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 BroadcastAsia Special Edition - Page 19

The emergence of VR into the global market took 2016 by storm, with a record US$2 billion invested into AR/ VR start-ups in the last year. Gradually becoming much more affordable, VR allows you to immerse yourself in an artificial environment, with tech giants racing to develop new ways to incorporate virtual reality into its services. Want to climb Mt. Everest from your living room? With a dedicated VR platform, you can. But those space goggles aren’t just bringing in big opportunities for gamers, Hollywood bigshots like Steven Spielberg and Disney Pixar have begun developments into VR, and the latest 360-degree camera can create an immersive visual experience for the end user. Besides the dedicated Virtual Reality Zone at BCA, there will also be an “X-periencing Virtual Reality @ Innovation Hub” for visitors to check out demos on VR for consumers, technical challenges, and the latest Drop by the Innovation Hub for an interactive ses- sion with exhibitors who will be presenting their latest solutions / product launches pertaining to the below technologies. • 4K / UHD • Digitisation and Archiving / Next Gen Workflow Solutions • Solutions for Moving into Cloud • Radio Broadcasting • Content Delivery Network developments in Audio VR. Broadcast Beat Magazine • • 19