Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 BroadcastAsia Special Edition - Page 14

Showcase of Trending Technologies UHD In the 2016 Global 4K UHD Industry Survey, 88 per cent of total respon- dents indicated that they will launch 4K UHD content by 2020, with 78 per cent saying they will have launched content by 2018. UHD content will undoubtedly give broadcasters / content providers a competitive advantage as viewers are looking at more premium content. See how UHD will affect the entire broadcasting ecosystems and the latest innovations that revolved around it at BroadcastAsia2017. NEXTGEN DISPLAY Organising an impressive live event, stunning viewers with eye-catching displays whether at shopping malls, museums or theaters, boasting a well-equipped auditorium that captures the attention of audiences and allowing them to have a remarkable experience, these are just some of the possible uses of digital displays. IP BROADCASTING IP broadcasting is redefining the broadcast industry as it provides more operational flexibility and higher capacity, making it easier to create and deliver compelling content. Broadcasters can now look at distribut- ing live video over IP from practically any location; providing much effi- ciency for them to play a bigger role in direct to consumer distribution. See how IP has also affected Audio as well at BroadcastAsia2017. IMMERSIVE TECHNOLOGIES Immersive Technologies in the form of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are reshaping not just the entertainment and gaming industry but also industry applications in areas such as medical and education. See how the use of immersive technologies can create ‘realism’ to deliver the ‘WOW’ factor to the audiences and end users. Check out the new Virtual Reality Cluster at BroadcastAsia2017. WIRELESS PRODUCTION With the presence of new media players such as OTT players, dedicated distribution platforms, the broadcasting industry is getting more com- petitive. Broadcasters are looking at providing more live broadcasting – events, sports contents to attract the audiences. In order to increase live event production, the need for Wireless Production is necessary to make it more cost effective, efficient and less resource intense. 14 • Broadcast Beat Magazine •