Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 BroadcastAsia Special Edition - Page 10

Programme At A Glance BroadcastAsia2017 International Conference is proud to present exclusive interviews with top experts and practitioners in the broadcast, media and entertainment industry. Join our speakers as they discuss the future trends and developments of the industry, and how these impact the traditional and commercial broadcasters, OTT providers and other players in the industry. NEW BUSINESS MODELS AND STRATEGIES BROADCAST TECHNOLOGIES MORNING PLENARY SESSION (Open to all BroadcastAsia2017 Conference delegates) Opening Address: The Evolution of the Broadcast Scene in Asia Visionary Address: OTT 2.0- A Sneak Peek Into The Future TRACK C1 OTT-HOW TO WIN THIS BATTLE • • • • • The Elephant In The Room: OTT Monetisation Get To The Top with Over-The-Top Content Is Key, Content Is King Providing A Differentiated Brand Experience Amidst Fierce Competition Ultimately, It’s All About The Consumers Where Some See Threat, Others See Opportunity – Broadcasters’ Response to OTT • • • • • • SDI vs IP: Differing Use Cases and Best Fit Applications Is Content Important or Are Delivery Systems Important? How Can We Benefit Maximising Revenue and Operational Efficiency Beyond Delivery – IP for Live and Post-Production Monetising with Hybrid Delivery Models: Broadcast and IP Beyond Technology for Technology’s sake: Using Cloud Services to Supplement Existing Infrastructures Ensuring the Security of IPTV and Cloud Platforms for Safe Deployment and Stable Growth MORNING PLENARY SESSION (Open to all conference delegates) Mediacorp Case Study: The Evolution of Toggle Red Button Keynote Address: Topic to be advised IMDA Address TRACK C2 MAXIMISING EXPERIENCE ON ALL SCREENS • • • TRACK T1 SDI VS IP IN BROADCASTING FACILITIES • • • • • TRACK T2 NEXT GENERATION BROADCAST TECHNOLOGY 1 What’s Next for Linear TV? Embracing Mobile OTT As The Next Trend Go Live to Survive Enhancing Content Packaging and Distribution Across Multiple Screens Advertising on All Screens Embracing Virtual Reality for New Possibilities Audience Interaction, Engagement as the • End Goal • • • • • • • UHD vs 1080p: Network Capacities / Business Models / Device Reach / User Experience: What is the right trade-off? Upscaling from HD to UHD HDR Infrastructure to Stay Ahead of the Competition An Analytic Approach to Setting UHDTV Bandwidth and Video Quality Targets New Technology Shaping Content Creation and Delivery Building A HDR Delivery Roadmap For A Profitable Future 4K Live Streaming Services of Rio Olympic Games Based on Hybridcast Platform Airing 4K/8K SHV in Japan, and Driving Development toward Tokyo 2020 Why HbbTV 2.0.1? How to enable New Revenue Streams via Broadcast Linked OTT and Interactivity 10 • Broadcast Beat Magazine •