BRM 2017 September 2017 - Page 7

Journeys always have a beginning, though some have no true ending. Even for some, the pinpointing of the start can be a cloudy spot in the history of the travels. It seems sometimes we wake up already into a journey, without fully understanding how or why we got there. Was it random thought gelled together into a more conscious drive to an end? Was it karmic in some way, being led into the journey by some unseen force of nature? In either of these cases, if that becomes the thought, there are then two journeys. One to retrace the origins as possible as they are, and one to the next end. Even in these two, there are so many paths to take that can become wrong detours and further cloud the mission. It doesn’t take much sometimes to lose sight of the goal or goals and slide out making the time of travel longer.

The journey itself is the fiber and soul of our existence, but if too many detours happen, the precious time spent on them will detract from what we have once we arrive in the destination. If focused and determined to that end, the detours will add some color and perspective to the journey, and in some cases, identify the next one to pave once the current trek is complete.

Adding to the mystery of how and why we embark on some journeys, is when the discovery of another or others are on the same path, same destination, from different places and along a different way to get there. The intrigue here adds countless moments of reflection, chasing similarities, embracing the idea that more than one can be headed into the same roads to tomorrow, without having known whom each other was prior to setting out.

In our digital world, we cross paths with so many in a glancing manner, sometimes the connections to the one on the path with us, was introduced years before, and not fully implanted as such. How many times have we heard the phrase “EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON”? keeping that in mind here, journeys and the origins, or connections to those on them with us, sometimes just need some faith that we are on the right one. Overthinking the minute details of those how’s and why’s can be cumbersome for the brain to process. It seems a better option then to place one foot in front of the other, move on, and let the answers catch up in their own good time. Being open to those answers is not always the same as consciously driving to get an answer not clearly in our sights.

Whether the journey we are on is for love, career, education, understanding, peace, community, or so many others, they all have layers to them. Simple steps, big steps, some giant steps. There will be landing points and vortexes where there will be no going back. They all intertwine imperfectly with each other, yet aligned where some simple steps have to be made in order to facilitate the bigger ones. And of course, every journey will have roadblocks. Some of those are created by our diversions to the original chosen journey, others are just from the unforeseen. All seem to be a test of the fortitude of whether we will see the end and continue, or stop, turn back, give up, or reroute to a new trek on a different path. In each case, which ever direction, goal, journey, or destination, safe travels, and many of them.

by Barclay