BRM 2017 September 2017 - Page 66

The love of creating has always been with him.  He has had drawings and charcoal sketches displayed at YSU in his high school years, but after attaining sobriety switched from drawing to fairly exclusively writing poetry.  He's since branched out into writing novels and commentary as well.

A founder of the seminal art/poetry group The Church of the Eternal Vibologism, or Eternal Vibologism for comfort reasons, in Columbus, Ohio, Timothy worked with other extremely talented artists and poets of multiple genres to create three- and four-dimensional performance pieces that stunned and awed audiences for the better part of the early new millennium.  

Timothy published his first book, the


autobiographically fictional BAD ROAD, in 2010 with PublishAmerica, now American Star Publishing.  He currently has four additional novels, eight poetry collections and two epic length poetry books available through Amazon's Kindle store.  

He is developing the publishing service company, Z-PHYLES, under which his books are published, and the social-spotlighting YOUNGSTOWN ORGANIX.  


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