BRM 2017 September 2017 - Page 59

If you're triggered, take a time-out.


Reflect back on the last two Jupiter-Pluto squares, which happened on November 24, 2016, (Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., when many family gatherings were divided in the wake of the presidential election) and March 30, 2017. Similar dynamics may have erupted. This final square gives you a chance to finally strike a balance between pleasing yourself and taking care of everyone else. It's a fine line for a Libra, since you want everyone to be happy at all times! Nobody wins when you chase that impossible goal, and it’ll only leave you frustrated. Be upfront and honest to avoid giving people unrealistic expectations. With Pluto in your home sector, be mindful about whom you let into your space, whether it's houseguests, roommates or just a casual visitor. You'll absorb their energy quickly. This goes both ways: If you're going to see friends or family near this date, splurge on a hotel to keep firm boundaries intact. This is also a good day for a space-clearing ritual or some Feng Shui adjustments to purify the energies in your household. Ah, sweet sanctuary!


Lastly, we get a double header of retrograde (backward) planets this month. Disruptive Uranus, which is in Aries and your seventh house of partnerships, makes its annual U-turn from August 2 until January 2. Over the next five months, a relationship could go through a few twists and turns. You may feel confined in a commitment or be yearning for more freedom. A normally steady person, either in business or love, could behave in an unstable manner. You might part ways for the short term or give each other a little more breathing room while you iron out differences. Experimental Uranus retrograde can give you a bit of a wandering eye, but don't be naive about the possible downsides here.


Communicator Mercury also turns  retrograde, from August 12 until September 5, which can disrupt communication, travel and technology. Mercury will backtrack through Virgo and your twelfth house of rest and healing. You may need to retrace your steps, nurse an old wound or process unresolved emotions. An ex or a difficult person could resurface, and this could be an important time for closure. A project you assumed was done could have a gnarly round of revisions that could be time-consuming. Try to make tasks like this less frustrating by playing music, taking replenishing breaks and adopting a spirit of "we're in this together" camaraderie.


During this retrograde, your dreams can be vivid, and buried subconscious thoughts could come up. Don't take any of it 100 percent literally, but do mine the material for clues. Your intuition is talking to you, and it won't be ignored any longer. You may be a little paranoid during this cycle, so avoid playing amateur detective. That suspicious text on your S.O.'s phone may be nothing—and we certainly don't recommend stooping to snooping. If you want to find out what's up, ask directly.


The pace slows a bit on August 22, when the Sun slips into Virgo and your restful twelfth house for a month. This is your annual time to slow down and clear the decks before your birthday. Libra season begins on September 22 this year, so you have a full month to tie up lingering projects or go off the grid and take stock of the long year and solar cycle you're wrapping up. Structured Saturn ends a five-month retrograde on August 25, after backstepping through Sagittarius and your communication house since April 5. Your thoughts will get clearer, and you'll become more focused on the mission ahead. A few ideas you've been mulling over could turn into bona fide undertakings. If you've struggled to articulate a concept or to assert your needs, Saturn's direct (forward) turn will give you back that missing clarity. Writing, teaching and media projects could help

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