BRM 2017 September 2017 - Page 45

Proving His Daughter Can Do Anything

Dads have a duty to their children

to make sure they grow up believing

they can do anything they set their

mind too. This dad might have gone a

little far by having his tiny little

daughter push him around in a

grocery store cart. We have to hand it

to this little girl, she’s really throwing

everything she has into pushing her

dad and a cart full of food around the

grocery store. Dads love to show off

their quirky side with their kids and they don’t care who watches them as they offer up their own take on the job of parenting.

This Dad Who Dropped His

Daughter In A Foam Pit

Dads are often responsible for teaching

their children to take chances in life.

Whether it’s a chance on a new job or

just trying something new, we learn how

to move forward in life with help from

other parents. This dad was apparently

attempting to teach his daughter a lesson

about trust — and he failed miserably.

Thankfully, they were swinging on a rope

in a gym with a foam pit. We’re willing to

pet this guys little daughter was a bit

more cautious about the decisions she

decided to make in the future.

This Dad Who Just Doesn’t Get It

This dad was shopping with his daughter when

he realized there were a few household items

that needed to be picked up. Rather than'

grabbing a shopping cart like any normal

parent, he decided to just

pile all his food needs on top

of his daughter and her stroller

. The poor little girl can’t see

where she’s going because

she’s covered in milk and other

household items. Sometimes

dads don’t do the best job of

thinking things through before

they act — this dad proves that point perfectly and it’s hilarious.