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Baby In A Dresser Drawer

If you want to play on the computer and

your baby is in desperate need of a nap,

you might want to take some advice (or

not) from this dad. He prepared a sleeping

area in the drawer of his desk. His little

child gets to sleep and

stay close to dad while he

plays on the computer.

This dad definitely has a

different take on what it

means to be a responsible

parent but they still manage

to keep their child safe.

This might be a dad fail in the eyes of some people but everyone is happy

and healthy so that’s good enough for us.

Dad’s Are Not Toenail Artists

This dad learned that hard way that some simple tasks are not as easy as they might appear. He posted on Father’s Day that he decided to paint his daughter’s toenails at her request and failed miserably. He perfectly summed up the disaster that was his first attempting at painting nail. “My daughter’s toes look like they were dipped in nacho cheese.” Here’s to hoping that his daughter, Abby, at least appreciated her dad’s attempts at painting her toenails. It’s lucky for this little girl that nail polish remover is available.

A Bottle And A Beer

When your baby needs a bottle and you really

want a beer at the restaurant there is a solution.

This dad was so desperate for a cold one that he

attached several straws together in an attempt to

drink his beverage while his baby was busy

drinking from her own bottle. Also acceptable for

this act would have been a twisty straw or

someone else helping dad drink his beer. Of

course, he could have just waited for his daughter

to finish eating and then enjoyed his cold beer

with a lot less outside of the box thinking.

These Dads Have Failed Gloriously At Parenting And That’s Okay

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