BRM 2017 September 2017 - Page 41

Holistic Cancer Treatment – Dandelion Tea Kills Cancer Cells In Just 48 Hours

As you guys know I’m a huge proponent when it comes to holistic cancer treatment so I was super excited to stumble across a whole bunch of research on dandelion root extract (DRE) that shows how potent it is in treating cancer.

Funnily enough dandelions are those ‘weeds’ with the yellow flowers that we are always pulling out of our gardens. They grow everywhere and when something like the dandelion keeps popping up around us I think that can be natures way of going “HERE! This is what you need!” Life is always handing us everything we need. We just need to start taking notice.

Dandelion roots have been boiled up into healing teas and tonics for a very long time, but like many natural remedies they were pushed aside with the advent of synthetic chemical medicines. I love that now science is going back to these natural remedies and taking a deeper look into how they work.