BRM 2017 September 2017 - Page 40

The first one, which arrives on August 7, is a lunar (full moon) eclipse in Aquarius and your sixth house of wellness, work and organization. This could inspire an epic decluttering that also leads to a major psychological transformation ("letting go" has so many meanings, after all). You might be inspired to make a huge health shift, or perhaps you'll get doctor's orders to revamp your lifestyle. You could quit a bad habit cold turkey. This eclipse could find you pondering your purpose. As the sign of service, you need to feel like you're making a difference with your time on this planet. You may have an epiphany about the kind of work you want to do and how it will enrich people's lives.


On August 21, a total solar (new moon) eclipse lands in Leo—the second in a rare duo of back-to-back Leo new moons (the first was July 23). New moons mark fresh starts, and paired with an eclipse, they can open radical new chapters. Paradoxically, this eclipse falls in your twelfth house of closure—an ending that's also a beginning. This lunation pushes you to release control and allow yourself to be supported, guided and receptive. In essence, it's a big day off from being a Virgo. By surrendering to the universe (or whatever you call a higher spiritual power), you can usher in a wave of healing.


What do you need to release, Virgo? Eclipses aren't exactly subtle about showing you. You could get undeniable "signs" through coincidences and serendipities, such as hearing a song that a departed loved one always played or receiving an important text from someone just as you're thinking about them. Listen to your intuition and REST. The twelfth house rules sleep, and you could be in dire need of a mental and emotional break—perhaps a getaway near water? This lunation could also coincide with a new spiritual practice: meditation, energy healing, prayer—whatever your jam is. By peeling away layers and shedding skin, you'll transform, inviting in something new that's a much better fit for the person you've become. Look back to February 10 of this year, when a Leo lunar eclipse may have brought people or important insights that link to this month's eclipse.


You'll start to feel more like yourself after August 22, when the Sun enters Virgo for a month, bringing you back from the depths. (Don't you have a birthday party to plan or something?) And on August 25, structured Saturn ends a four-month retrograde in Sagittarius and your domestic fourth house. This could have spelled family drama, a delayed move or stalled baby plans. Your relationship with a female relative, possibly your mother, may have gone through growing pains. Now that Saturn is powering forward, pick up the pace again. Emotions you've been keeping inside can safely be aired. If you've been lacking in the self-care department, make it a priority again.

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