BRM 2017 September 2017 - Page 19

Taking the Ladies to Lunch

Sitting at a lunching being held for the ladies that stay all year in the Arizona desert. The community is 70 homes and for half the year there is 12 homes occupied. It's a snowbird community and usually very quiet.

Now this luncheon was like most, nice and loud with gabbing. I suddenly heard over the chatting ladies that someone needed to plan the next luncheon. I volunteered to team up with the lady that helped me to relax at one of my first luncheons. During the drink orders everyone was “water, tea, pop, etc”. She ordered a beer, “I'll have the same.”

So she and I broke up jobs of things to do to get ready. She picked the place, one reason I volunteered to help her. The Thirsty Donkey a sports bar(restaurant) with a very cool attraction, 40 taps of different beers and ales.

The place had a web site and I sent out an email making reservation. We made a flier letting the ladies in the area know when, where, and to RSVP. The food was great and we had 16 ladies show, and I had designated drivers. It was a successful event and everyone had a great time.

I tested the tap special. You go around (fresh glass each time) with a glass tasting each beer/ale. The band on your wrist registers how much to pour then you pay at the end. I am proud to say didn't test all of them but since I'm not an ale person that section didn't appeal to me. So 4 out of 40 I enjoyed. The Prickly Pear was great, and the employees are very knowledgeable on how to find the right beer/ale for you.

So if you are near one of these Thirsty Donkeys I would say the ladies of Sunscape Estates give them 2 thumbs up.

I say have a luncheon and invite a group of friends no matter where you have it. Once in a while it's just nice to enjoy a great visit with.

Live, Love & Laugh my friends - PrincessPurple