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Best Sloppy Joe’s EVER

By Mr_Mike_Love

I love comfort foods, especially in the summer. Though, most comfort foods are cooked in the oven, and require a lot of prep time, Sloppy Joes are one of the summer staples when I was a kid.

We all remember mom making this wonderful sandwich for us, kids love sloppy stuff. Jump in the pool or run through a sprinkler to rinse off! HA!!

Thinking back, though, my mom’s Joe’s were a bit bland, not a whole lot of kick to them. If any of you have read and/or tried my recipes, you will know I LOVE HOT STUFF!!! So, I have been trying to perfect the classic Sloppy Joe into something even adults would crave. My first attempt, last week, was made with ground turkey. They came out pretty good, but still lacked the “kick” I was looking for. So, I looked around the inter-webs thingy, and found something that sounded quite good. I went to the market and purchased all I would need……

What I came up with is quite savory, a hint of sweetness, and a bit of heat. Best of all, lots and lots of flavor.

So here you go, Chorizo Sloppy Joe’s!!!

Grocery List:

1 pound of ground beef (I used 85% lean, 15% fat)

1 pound of Mexican pork chorizo

1 small yellow onion, chopped, diced, however you want it

1 green bell pepper, chopped, diced, however you want it

3 large Jalapenos, chopped, diced, however you want it

½ stick of unsalted butter

2 cans of Manwich Original, or your favorite sauce (scratch made sauce recipe at the end)

Hamburger buns

2 oz. Rum (optional)


Melt the butter in a large skillet. Make sure the skillet is big enough to contain 2 pounds of ground meat. Add in the onion, bell pepper and jalapeno and sauté until soft. If desired, deglaze with 2 ounces of rum, turn off the heat and cover for 2 minutes. Remove vegetables from skillet, DO NOT DRAIN. Also, do not clean the skillet. Leave all that left over buttery goodness in the pan.

Reheat skillet on high, add in ground beef and chorizo. Lower the heat to medium high. Cook the meat until brown and crumbly, about 10 minutes. DO NOT DRAIN! Lower the heat to medium and add in the previously cooked vegetables. Incorporate completely. Add both cans of Manwich in, or your favorite sauce, and stir until completely mixed, then lower the heat to low. Allow to simmer for 15 to 20 minutes.

Turn off the heat, grab a hamburger bun and place a generous amount on the bun. Grab plenty of napkins and a fork or spoon. These suckers are good and SLOPPY!!!

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