BRM 2017 June 2017 - Page 40

Explode into the Holiday Interesting Recipes...

By PrncssPurple

There are just some things out there to be learned about cooking that my mother never told me. Importance of knowing how to cook is one think I never mastered. Might be why infusing is not a term I remember my 8th grade home economics class.

So when I started learning how to infuse medical marijuana into foods the doors opened up to me. Knowledge of how things are flavored and mixed in. Ways of flavoring food that I once thought was magic, wasn't that flavor just there?

I thought, all of you are looking into having a big 4th of July party. I have found a cook book that I researched for some fun receipts. When I saw some of these receipts I had to have a laugh, to think our parents were worried we were eating funny brownies.

The 2 receipts I used were great and turned out very tasty. If like me you are facing a whole new way to take medications/marijuana. The cook book is full of great hints and easy step to step. If I can follow and cook anyone can.

I hope you enjoy if you are able to use any of these. If not I hope it at least gives you a laugh. Have a safe and happy 4th of July.


1 ounce Cannabis

1 pint 95% Ethanol (190 Proof)


You will need 1 ounce of cannabis for every pint of ethanol. Some good spirits to use would be Everclear, 151 Rum, or White Lightning due to the high proof. You want an alcohol with 95% ethanol, or a 190-proof alcohol to obtain the best results. The night before you make this, leave your bud in the freezer, completely drying it out. It’s also a good idea to put the ethanol in the freezer as well. Once your bud has been in the freezer, grind it up to almost a powder and mix together with ethanol in a glass quart-mixing jar. Close the jar and shake for 5 minutes, then return to freezer. Continue to agitate the mixture every few hours with refreezing. Continue this process anywhere from 3 days to 9 weeks, however patient you are really. Remember, the longer the better. When you are done with that process, pour the liquid through cheesecloth. You can save the “ball” of cheesecloth for topical use, or run it through a coffee filter. Make sure to squeeze any remaining liquid out. You might want to wear gloves during this process, as the solution might be pretty strong. The color of your final product is dependent on what percent ethanol you used. If you used a 95% ethanol solution, your tincture should be pale green to golden. If you used 151 rum, it should be an amber color. If your tincture is a dark green that means excess plant material is present. This does not affect the potency though; it just means it won’t taste very good. It’s a good idea to add some flavor extracts, like vanilla or raspberry, to change the taste of your tincture.


Making a tincture via the cold method preserves the integrity of cannabinoids. Always use the best quality cannabis for the best results. Your cannabis should be completely dry and mold free.