BRM 2017 June 2017 - Page 30


By Barclay

Once upon a thyme, in the Green land of Basil, where the 411 carrot farmers lived, there was a wicked Bitch-Queen that lived in a castle, high on the hill overlooking the valley below. The peasants living in the land of Basil, were green with envy, yet troubled by the incessant nailing that echoed amongst them all through the days and nights. The echoes off of the stoned walls, instilled fear to them as to what that hammering was. Over the years, all of the strapping young farmers, kept disappearing, in the night from their straw huts. A few luscious young maidens, also disappeared from the farm while they were harvesting the eggs from the wild birds. What had not been yet discovered, was the dark Bitch-Queen's tunnel to her back door.

In her devious mind, she had named her back-door tunnel Ed’Lube. Coincidently, or not, Ed’Lube was also the Bitch-Queen’s primary slave and servant. Over the years, the Bitch-Queen ordered her Ed’Lube to slide through the tunnel and quietly scoop up the best looking young studs, and maidens after subduing them, and bringing them quickly through the dark tunnel, passing into the bowels of the castle, then into the main chambers, setting each before the Queen. Once the Bitch-Queen had reviewed the specimen for his or her attributes, she instructed Ed’Lube to lift and nail the new addition to the wall. Once the hammering began, Ed’Lube would provide the Bitch-Queen with her favorite soft ear-muffs to lessen the intensely loud banging of the nails into the hard rock walls of the castle. The banging could be heard across the valley by the village farmers, left to wonder, what caused such haunting ear shattering noises. What the farmers could not hear was the muffled moans and cries of those hanging from the walls, nor the sinister laughter of the Bitch-Queen as she giggled with delight at each new wall adornment. Ed’Lube had himself been once a part of the farming village, but learned eons ago to grease the palm and anything else the Bitch-Queen desired.

Some of the Bitch-Queen’s games would be to insert carrots infused in basil taken from the village into the orifices of her male and female decorations. The images were seen as very colorful against the grey stone background, and the Bitch-Queen found that very tasty as she chewed around the vegetables, enjoying the added flavor of the subjects blended into her mouth. In thyme, the walls became full of fleshy artwork, all trapped for the Bitch-Queen to play with and eat as she wished. The walls full didn’t stop the hammering as Ed’Lube had to take down or put up the specific maiden or stud at the whim his mistress. When she was in a particularly seductive mood, the Bitch-Queen would have Ed’Lube back into the stud’s cock, getting it hard and well Lubed for her to fuck and get off. Once the stud came, depositing his celery seed, Ed’Lube would clean him then bring a fresh maiden to lick and clean her pussy. Occasionally, some rather fat and long carrots made their way to the Bitch-Queen, heating up her mind for lusty delicious activities such as playing hide the carrot with both maidens and studs alike. Those devilishly obscene events always ended with tasty cum drenched tossed vegetable salads.

Like all fantasies, this one too changes course, as the Bitch-Queen didn’t realize that the village of peasants around her fine castle had gotten internet, and began to google and ogle at the castle interior. They researched methods and trained for months on how to rush the Ed’Lube tunnel, streaming hundreds of angry villagers spewing into the bowels of her majesty’s castle, shouting OUT WITH THE ENEMA!!!, though, being peasants, spelling wasn’t their best attribute.