BRM 2017 July 2017 - Page 76

Norway Rock Cock gets blown off its hill.

by Barclay

The penis shaped formation known as the Trollpikken formation in Norway, got chopped at the roots and dropped to the ground below. In one of the heaviest incidents of someone getting their rocks off, it was discovered by joggers. No one at this point knows or is willing to discuss why anyone would want to get the rock penis off, however some concerned hardened friends of the Trollpikken, gathered funding to begin hoisting the mighty penis back in a massive re attachment operation. Cables had to be secured around the phallic protrusion then lifted carefully through a hole in the iron scaffolding before setting it back on its mount. No one may climb or mount the penis until the setting takes hold, for fear of it again falling off. Conjures up thoughts of a giant blue pill that can be fed to the poor thing when it feels less that rock-hard.