BRM 2017 July 2017 - Page 50


There is another project I have just become crow funding manager for - - I'm also acting in this friends film she is directing, I play a social worker.

As Brit rolled off the impressive things she has done in the last three years and the projects she has booked (by the way she was taking calls and bragging during the interview as jobs to films were coming in). Some I can't tell you about because they are still building casts. She sat and took calls getting her triple booked through August. A day in Brit's life was nothing new for Laura she offered us drinks like this was not a page out of a Hollywood movie. While I your Princess sat there mouth hanging open.

I got to ask Brit about the Trampoline event she attended. (See page # the news) I would have died. Your Princess doesn't work well on a Trampoline. "I was fine on the trampoline. It was fun and that was a record attempt and we beat it," Brit laughed.

I asked Brit for one of her funniest jobs. As she thought of one she said, "funniest job i did, actually quite a few were on a set of Guilt. We wound up a that guy that said he was there for a hand job instead of saying hes a hand double. We all laughed."

Returning with a tray Laura smiling and enjoying listening to our talking. Obviously not hearing these stories for the first time. Because your Princess needed tissues to collect tears, some of the stories Brit told had me laughing to tears.

"Ok on a more serious not funniest job i did has to be modeling as a stoned yoga person," giving the memory a laugh.

As the phones started to ring off the hook i got a chance to talk to Laura a bit. She is from Scotland and laughed at my English tea in the water joke. Brit is English/Welsh and they met dancing at a club in RLC.

As Laura said her goodbye's I wrapped up the interview so Brit could get back to the phones where jobs were coming in from studio's like Warner Brothers, Pine Wood, etc. At Warner Brothers studio she was in Justices League and Wonder Woman.

She talked about the studio's she has worked on, none as of yet have been in the states but those are up and coming jobs. She laughed and said she has filmed in USA sets on UNEWS (is what WB used to be called) studio's.

I asked Brit where could our readers whowant to learn more where could they start? "Well she can look on StarNow, an international site. It advertises jobs, make a profile there. It has USA and Australia all over."

Interesting fact about the acting world. They like Europe (Britain extras) the best because they are well disciplined. Extras get called into line to get checked after getting in costume.

Brit gave ways to learn more and get in touch with her so she could answer more questions. Even if to only learn more about this busy woman of the behind the scenes world of acting.

As we came to the end I asked Brit about her condition and how it effected her health.

"I suffer from Lymphoma which is excess fluid in the lymph modes (white blood cells) that causes swelling and pain but I manage to get by with pain relief and keeping my legs well elevated and drink plenty of water. It's like most things in life. Don't let it get you down. You must pick yourself up and try to carry on and never give up on your dream." DJ_Brit says with confidence and moxie that in this Princess' eyes makes her a Wonder Woman.

Thank you DJ_Brit and Laura for joining me at Princess' Cribb. Love ya readers.. this is your princess Wishing you sparkly success in life.