BRM 2017 July 2017 - Page 48


Working Towards That Walk Of Fame

By Princess Purple

This interview has your Princess excited

because this woman is in my eyes a

Wonder Woman, and not just because she

was an extra in the movie. DJ_Britgirl_FCA is following a career that some dream about. "I have been stuck as an extra for three years, only done a few featured roles it would be great to live that dream," Brit modestly said.

Got to sit down with Brit and her girlfriend Laura in my Cribb to talk about all the things that Brit has done and what makes her a interesting member of the RLC community.

Most of you that know DJ_Britgirl_FCA know her from her DJing at clubs like True Blue and Oasis. She has danced in RLC as well. A family member of FCA.

Most important she is an entertainer in the real world. Brit is an extra for movies and TV shows. She does modeling, voice overs for cartoon/Anime's, and she writes scripts.

I asked this wonder woman how she got started. "I started three and a half years ago as an extra. Doing a few unpaid roles to gain experience, then from there i got myself an agent and kept joining agencies to get paid work."

I had to ask when she said agencies plural? "I lost count how many agencies, but now i am mainly free lanced and get the work myself," she chuckles at the memories she keeps to herself.

"Cut's out the middle man?" I ask jokingly. Brit answered with, "exactly, got some good deals that way. Cash in hand and travel paid."

Now I have the honor to DJ with this beautiful lady and the outstanding privilage to call her friend. She teases me all the time with the things she is doing. So i asked her to share some projects she has done or is working on (that is not secret). So to tease you my sexy readers.

Movies, TV shows, Modeling, Voice over and scripts (It's a taste of where you can find RLC's Star DJ_Britgirl_FCA:

Grimsby The Movie

Wonder Woman

Toxic Apocalypse

Autopsy (the last hours of Steve Jobs i played Patty Jobs)


The Pub (I hated it had to kiss a guy)

This is a taste of some projects that she has worked on. If you would like to see more of her projects or learn more about our Brit, these are some sites you will enjoy.