BRM 2017 July 2017 - Page 12

Leo vs. Virgo by Lady V

Walking in the store, Leo didn’t know today would be the turn of his life. Late for work, Leo ran in the store to get an energy drink. Drunk from the night before, he’s praying this will help him to get over this hangover.

Searching for the energy he likes so well, he can’t help but to notice this beautiful woman standing patiently; waiting for him to move out the way. Staring at her beauty, he suddenly loses track of time and what he was looking for. Admiring her reflection in the mirror, he quickly moves out of her way.

“Ma’am, I apologize for being in your way. However, I can’t help but to admire your beauty.”

Flattered by the compliment, Virgo thanks the gentle and finds her drink of choice.

Heading to the counter, Leo quickly grabs something and follows her to the counter. Trying to find the words to say, Leo offers to pay for their beverages.

“Today must be my lucky day, but I had my own money you know.”

“I know you did, but someone as beautiful as you shouldn’t have to pay for a thing.”

“You have a lot of pickup lines don’t you? But I guess they are ok.”

Laughing for a taste, Leo quickly takes his chance and asks Virgo on a date. Agreeing to go out with him; they exchange information and head their separate ways.

All day at work, Leo can’t help but to think about Virgo. It’s something about this girl he has to know. He wants to know everything about her and prays that she’s not crazy. With a name like Virgo, she just might be on the edge of crazy. However, right now she’s seems like someone he wants to know.

Planning their date, they realize they have so much in common; yet so different in the way they perceive life. After talking with her for days, Leo can’t wait to see her again.

Tonight is the night of their first date. Although they are excited, they are nervous at the same time. What if something goes wrong, but what if everything goes right and this turns into more than they expected? Trying not to get caught up in the moment, they head towards the restaurant and let the night play out.

Going better than they thought, Virgo invited him in for a night cap. Who would’ve known, the night would’ve gone better than they thought. Here it is in the wee hours of the morning, and they have talked the night away. Getting ready to leave, Virgo asks him to stay. Making an executive decision, Leo didn’t see in harm in staying. It wasn’t like he had much going on. After all the meetings and hectic week, he was glad to be having some down time. After dealing with clients all day, Virgo was glad to have some stimulating conversation.

Spending the weekend together, they knew it would work. Becoming an item, they were determined to make it work; despite what it said about their compatibility. Although things were going well, Leo realized that Virgo was a little unstable. Although Virgo loved being with Leo, she was tired of his controlling ways. I know he’s supposed to be the king of the jungle, but this is not what I signed up for. Still determined to make it work, they put up with each other’s stuff; from the good to the bad, until they couldn’t take it anymore. After years of putting up with each other’s junk, they understood they weren’t compatible enough. Leo was ready to part ways, but Virgo was determined that she wasn’t going without a good fight. Trying to leave peacefully, Virgo finally agreed to let him leave. Thinking they had come to an agreement, Leo went on about his day. Ready to come home and relax, he can’t believe what he seen. Calling his homeboy asking him to come over quick, he can’t believe this is happening. Rick pulled up in the drive, and can’t believe what he sees. Taking pictures and going live, he had to show the world, this wasn’t a lie. This is something you can’t make up; something that should only be in a book. Wanting to call the police, Leo is too embarrassed by what they would say. Instead he calls Virgo, and asks what’s going on. Letting the phone ring, he calls again. Finally answering the phone, he can’t believe her tone.

“What do you want? It’s over between us.”

“Yeah I know, but I need to understand what’s going on.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Explain to me what you mean.”

“I just got home from work, and walked into a horror scene.”

“I still don’t know what you mean.”

“Something tells me that you do. I’m just trying to understand why you would do this again.”

“You said you wanted to part ways, so I just took what was mine.”

“If you took what was yours, why am I looking at a house with no doors? If you only took what was yours, why is my house barely standing? If you took what was yours, why am I looking at a ceiling with no floors?”