Bristol Bay Resource Solutions Services Brochure BBRS Shared Services

Accounting & Finance Contract Administrative Services Information Technology Human Resources Marketing & Communications WHAT ARE SHARED SERVICES? As the market becomes increasingly competitive, successful companies are actively looking for ways to operate more efficiently, allowing operating units to focus on innovation and new business development. With the shared services approach, the advantages of centralization and decentralization are combined. The model allows processes to be standardized and redundancies minimized – all while tailoring the service level needs delivered to the business units. Certain functions are necessary for our businesses: payroll, human resources, accounts payable and receivable, among others. Other services, such as IT and communications, are also valuable resources. BBRS brings together highly specialized services into a center of expertise to build critical infrastructure and enhance our clients’ capabilities, all while ensuring that we operate in tandem with corporate needs such as compliance and risk management. SOME OF THE BENEFITS BBRS PROVIDES: • Agreed-upon service levels. Value-based decisions on what and how much to provide. • Common technology platform. Enables coordination with corporate and clients. • Corporate is free to focus on strategy, while relying on shared services for statutory compliance, controls and information. • Economies of scale. • Flexibility. Shared services can be sourced through multiple delivery channels and/ or geographic locations. • Operating units free to focus on their business and customers, while relying on shared services for support. • Culture. People with the skill and mindset to optimize services beyond the back-office. STRATEGIC ADDED VALUE EFFECTIVE Forecast Trends Shared services can be explained using four categories: Effective, Efficient, Advantage and Economy. Each category works in conjunction with the other to feed into areas of added value, accrued indirect benefits and economies of scale. • Standardization of processes and implementation of best practices. Implement Best Practices & Defensible Compliance • Decision support. Data analyzed and delivered as reliable and actionable information. THE SHARED SERVICES MODEL • Scalability. Shared services can be scaled for both acquisition/geographic and service scope expansion. Infrastructure & Support ECONOMY Market Responsiveness Centralized Subject Matter Experts EFFICIENT Scalable Based On Current/ Projected Needs ADVANTAGE Client Growth & Development INDIRECT BENEFITS Redundancies Minimized ECONOMIES OF SCALE