Brides Today June-July 2017 - Page 85

T the final checklist Here’s the wedding breakdown. • Bride’s wedding outfit: Sabyasachi • Bride’s makeup and hair: Namrata Soni • Bride’s jewellery: Satyani Fine Jewels • Wedding planner: Motwane Weddings • Décor: Cherry On Top • Catering: Foodlink hey say friends always make the best partners, and newlyweds Anushka Rajan, writer, creative producer, and founder of Acmeshka, and Abbishek Doshii, a real estate developer are the perfect example. Although they knew each other since school, they only fell in love when their closest friends decided to play Cupid “and literally planted the idea”, as Anushka puts it. But what really swept the bride off her feet was the proposal. “When I think of the day he popped the question, it still feels surreal. I was supposed to go to London to meet my brother and walked into the airport to find Abbishek standing there. He told me he was coming to London with me! Little did I know that he had already asked my parents for their blessing and was all set to propose to me in Finland (and we were not going to London at all!). On our connection in Istanbul, he said we were going to Lapland to see the Northern Lights. He had packed my sweaters and jackets separately with help of my mother and we had a romantic retreat at the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort where we stayed in a glass igloo. It was the most unbelievable experience to sleep under the stars. When the Northern Lights appeared, he took me on a reindeer sleigh to chase the lights while it was freezing. The beauty took my breath away and I was frozen, not just literally but figuratively too, as he kneeled before me in the middle of the Arctic Circle,” she elaborates. The wedding was a three-day affair in Abu Dhabi. Attended by the crème de la crème of Bollywood and society, it was a perfect rendition of the big fat Indian wedding. When asked what her favourite ceremony wa ̰͡ͅq$ѡѡͅЁЁ)ѡ݅́ͽѡɕи]ٕ䁍)5٥Ѽи݅эȁ͔ɥ)əɴɅє́݅́t)͡͵̸]Ёչѥ݅́չՔݡ)ձ͕ЁѡݕЁ݅́͡éݸɅй(