Brides Today June-July 2017 - Page 81

C hildhood sweethearts, best friends, and partners-in-crime are just a few of the many ways to describe our new couple crush: Sahej and Pratiek. They first met through common friends 10 years ago when they were still teenagers, even though they studied at different institutions. Throughout their many years together, they made it a point to speak on the phone as often as they could and catch up on MSN messenger (the coolest thing to do back then). Fast forward to today, Sahej is the founder of The FairyDust Studio —a creative label designing lifestyle accessories for women, whilst Pratiek is the director at watch giant, Kapoor Watch Company. The couple tied the knot in a grand yet intimate series of celebrations that ensured each function was unique and every experience was memorable. To mark a decade of their relationship Pratiek popped the question at their favourite restaurant. Sahej couldn’t believe the day was finally here and knew exactly the kind of wedding she wanted. “For me, my wedding was something that I had dreamt of since I was a little girl so wanted everything to be perfect and each tradition to be incorporated. I even had a folder in my phone for each function with details the final checklist Here’s the wedding breakdown. • Bride’s wedding outfit: Surekha Jain • Mehendi venue : Amaanta, New Delhi +$ɽe%љ$$)IٕɄ%Iѡɔ+$%Ʉ%%х%Y$)% %M%Yɼ)ЁѡȰ䁽љаˊQٕѡ)$хѕѕɅ䁄啅ȁم)ɅٕѼ)Ȱ-ф!呕ɅAѥѼ)ЁѡɥЁݕ䰁љ̰ɽ͕Ը$݅)ٕ䁡̵݅́ٽٕٕ䁑х$ٕ)ͥѡݕ٥є͕ Ё$ѡѡ)Ё݅́ѡЁոѠȁ)ٕѡѽѡȰݡ́ͼՍɔ)͕ȳtM͵̸Qѥ٥ѥ́ݥѠ)ӊQ݅䁙ȁٕ役ѼЁ͔)Ёѡȁѡݥ́Ѽ)Q݅́ѕɅȸQ)ɕɅͽ́ݥѠݕ́ɽݸ)䁽ѥ̀ѽݥѠ)QɥɥЁɕMɕ))ݥѠɥф)ѡɅݕ݅́ѡ͡)ɹݥѠɱ̰)ͽ̰х͕̰٥хɽ̸q%)͕ٕ݅́ѡѡЁ$)䁡ȁͼ啅)Յ䁡ɽЁ%Ё݅́)аЁЁѡݽɱt́͡MZ(