Brides Today June-July 2017 - Page 67

and work together. The thing that was most exciting for me was when I brought references just to start the conversation the thoughts that Kate and Laura shared were just so different to anything I would have started with; they were coming from a really different place. When those first ideas came up, I knew that I would have never come up with them alone, and that was exciting. Kate and Laura were able to do something really different with the Coach archives,” explains Vevers. A fashion camaraderie that translates into great design, the designers overcame geographical barriers owing to their love for the all-American aesthetic. “I think we are inspired by the same country but are on opposite sides of that country. New York City is Coach’s home and the dynamic attitude and cultural diversity of the city are a strong influence for the brand,” explains Vevers about the dynamics of creating accessories for the urban woman. “As designers, we are inspired greatly by our natural surroundings. California has given us such amazing inspiration over the seasons and we cannot imagine ever not being amazed by the endless discoveries that we find in our home state,” add the Mulleavy sisters. The cross-country friendship brewed over cups of cappuccinos and endless discussions on great design and films. “We laugh when we are given a time limit for a meeting because when we see Stuart (Vevers) we immediately need to spend two hours catching up,” share the sisters. “From our first meeting at a party in Paris to sharing models for NYFW, we’ve shared an immediate sense of camaraderie. While we worked on our ideas and created the collection, we were able to get to know each other better and found time to enjoy ourselves along the way too,” adds Vevers. Their personal chemistry gets immediately translated into a collection that integrates the sturdiness and rockstar-like swag of Coach with Rodarte’s ladylike eccentricity. “I think that Kate and Laura’s sense of newness in craft is second to none. I picked Kate and Laura’s brains about what they would personally carry in terms of the bag and what their references were. It was definitely a learning experience for me and it was fun to have the opportunity to bounce ideas off people bringing a fresh approach to leather goods,” praises Vevers. Heavily referenced from the era of the disco—the 1970s—with throwbacks to Coach’s archival advertisements, the collection incorporates Coach’s unpretentious leather craftsmanship with gauzy frills to paint an interesting visual picture for the urban American youth. “Coach is special. It’s unique as the iconic American leather goods house. Coach’s roots in New York City guides the attitude of our youth. They have an effortless ease and lighthearted spirit, which informs the way we approach our collections. I think our designs need to express a sense of freedom and feel fresh. This is what Coach is all about. Pieces that are inherently cool with an informal attitude,” Vevers states. The result? Lust-worthy pieces such as the multi-coloured metallic leather sequin pieces that combine “Coach leather with Rodarte’s sense of colour and craft techniques”—all the way creating new inroads into the world of leather and couture. ■ Style is about mixing what is new with what feels eternally new. — Stuart Vevers