Brides Today June-July 2017 - Page 6

Editor’s letter NU P U R M E H TA P U R I muse of summer As the weather beats down on us hard this June, we bring you relief in the form of The Summer Skin Haul—a skin special with over 90 steals for every bride to look and feel her best on D-day. And while we’re discussing great skin, my personal go-to is 10 litres of warer a day to keep hydrated and to make my skin glow from within. It’s something our cover star, Jacqueline Fernandez, swears by as well as she turns up the heat in the cool climes of London ensembles with a touch of Nirav Modi shine. Elizabeth Arden untold absolu edp. Glossy hair, dewy skin, and perfect nails—the June-July issue is a glossary of all things that will help you achieve that dewy bridal look. From sunscreens to serums, we let you in on the magic formula to get covetable skin (pg 88). Trends might be transitory but combining them with classic pieces gives a new life to a wedding wardrobe that’s stylish (pg 43). Return to the twenties, as we pay an ode to the most chic era of fashion with a recall of the Art Deco style, charting its influence on jewellery—past and present (pg 40). Intimate experiences, gourmet meals, and beautiful surroundings—raise the ante at your honeymoon as you travel to these luxurious destinations with your significant other (pg 116). There’s a takeover of tropical finery and greenery, as lush weddings lend a natural theme to your big day (pg 72). Indulge the newlyweds as we curate a list of 30 gifts that are guaranteed to please (pg 172). Love, travel, and celebrations—hope your summer is filled with stories to remember. ■ Alexander McQueen bag. follow us @BazaarBrideIn and @nupurmehta18 on instagram; and @BazaarBrideIn on twitter and parcos. (pg 128), in breezy Anushree Reddy