Brides Today June-July 2017 - Page 58

Style The princess diaries As she strives to embolden an entire generation to embrace its curves, Brazilian-born designer Daniella Helayel collaborates with high-street giant KOOVS to unveil a collection that is inspired by timeless classics. S he became ubiquitous on the social scene when the then Kate Middleton stepped out in a simple blue dress to announce her engagement. It was the Sapphire London dress from Daniella Helayel’s former label Issa, which then received orders amassing to millions and leading to the brand’s designs selling out in over 45 countries. After her depature from Issa, Helayel went on a two-year hiatus and came back refreshed with a new label in tow. This year, the designer enters Indian shores with a collaboration with Koovs, an online portal known for its international and local collaborations that capture the imagination of millennials. In an exclusive with BAZAAR BRIDE, Helayel reveals her plans for the country, what inspires her, and the biggest challenges she has faced in her career. Tell us abouT The Princess collecTion and whaT insPired you To creaTe iT. The Koovs collection is made of my all-time favourite shapes created through my career. They are my favourite dresses and they are timeless, season-less, and ageless. They have been worn by people such as Madonna, Scarlett Johansson, Alessandra Ambrosio, the Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton, Eva Mendez, a nd Jennifer Lopez to name a few.The collection is made to make girls feel special and embrace their figures.The prints are quite playful and consist of motifs like lips, kisses, butterfly wings, and cloves for good luck. The colours are strong but we also have a lot of black and white. It has cute cotton dresses in playful prints as well and beautiful gowns for black-ties and special 58 By CAROLINE D'CRUZ “ I love colours and think Indian women know how to wear colours better than anyone else I know. ” occasions.Everything to make a girl find her enchanted prince and fall in love with him. how do you Think The collecTion will be Perceived in india? I think Indians will love the collection! It is feminine and glamorous and full of pieces that cover you from day to evening—girls can party, go to the cinema or dinner, and to a black-tie party. Tell us abouT ThaT ‘The duchess of cambridge momenT’ and her decision To wear a dress from your collecTion. I don’t talk about my private clients but I am very thankful and flattered that she chose to wear one of my designs for her engagement and that the moment made history. She is an incredible woman and very kind, thoughtful, and stylish. whaT goes inTo creaTing Pieces ThaT caTer To royalTy and celebriTies? are There a loT of changes To your original idea? No. I make clothes to make women feel gorgeous and to become better versions of themselves and that will always be my goal when designing. I create clothes that can empower women and that is what keeps me moving. I live for colours, prints, and flattering shapes that are timeless and will live forever. can a formal, evening gown also be fun aT The same Time? Of course! It all depends how you carry yourself and how you accessorise the said gown. whaT silhoueTTes would you suggesT for summer brides and whaT are The sTyles or colours you are currenTly crushing on? If it is a civil wedding, you can wear a knee-length or a longer, more relaxed dress. For a more traditional ceremony, I think lace or beautiful delicate embroidery works really well. But don’t go for anything too structured. Simplicity and well-cut clothes are what I like the most. you love To work wiTh colours. is There a favouriTe and how much colour is Too much colour? I love colours and Indian women know how to wear colours better than anyone I know. Rajasthani women are the most elegant women in the world. They wrap themselves in their saris and mix colours like no one else. I am fascinated by yellows, blues, greens, and pinks. I love strong bright colours of gemstones here and I am so inspired by the colours of India. They are always on my moodboards. is The Princess collecTion aPT for a bride hosTing a cockTail before her wedding or PerhaPs on The honeymoon? Of course, the collection is simply perfect for these occassions. The collection features a dress for ever y occasion and for every mood. ■