Brides Today June-July 2017 - Page 137

amrapali Your inSpiration? We have recreated age-old jewellery styles depicting cultural forms with a twist using crystals from Swarovski for the collection, Flamboyance. The idea was to recreate modern designs that are rooted in Indian aesthetics. StYling tip? The collection can be paired with bridal attire to give a modern twist to it yet retaining its Indian element, which is essential. The Sunset warrior earrings gracefully capture the essence of handcrafted jewellery. eina ahluwalia deSign aeSthetic? In Rruhi (which means spiritual), we celebrate the palmettes, rosettes, and leaf scrolls— interlaced with geometric, Arabesque, and calligraphic patterns created thousands of years ago. It lends a spiritual and philosophical approach to art. b r i d a l m u S t- haveS? Shoulder- duster earrings with the Persian jaal palmette patterns and the blush rose crystal ring, necklace, and earrings. jj valaya deSign aeSthetic? gaurav gupta Your inSpiration? The collection is inspired by the Art Nouveau period, which brings forth jewellery from a bygone era, thereby balancing heritage styles with a stylish blend of futuristic design. champion pieceS? All the designs are inspired by forests and birds, and are encrusted with light indigo Swarovski crystals that make the jewellery surreal. The bold warrior cuff is my favourite. isharya deSign aeSthetic? The collection focusses on clean lines with elevated prong settings so as to allow maximum light to illuminate the crystals. The steel cables suspending the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link were the inspiration for this collection, which is structured, linear, and clean. Star pieceS? The Egyptian Goddess hoop earrings are chic yet dramatic. outhouse pernia qureshi rohit bal deSign aeSthetic? Your inSpiration? deSign aeSthetic? The Balance collection is an interpretation of air, brought to life through the form of a dragonfly. The characteristics of this spirit animal represent the modern woman and her multi-faceted personality. Star pieceS? We have used the Maison Margiela designer edition crystals from Swarovski and the galactic fancy crystals. The pieces that stand out are the starlight earrings and dragonfly necklace. The collection draws from the glorious night sky, and brings together celestial elements to recreate the splendour of the cosmos. Clustered jewels and pearly orbs come together with orbital rings, scattered elements, and lunar shapes. Given that it was a men’s collection, I wanted the pieces to be subtle and sophisticated, hence I used small crystals to highlight the accessories. There is a strong influence of nature in the collection with recurring motifs of peacocks, horses, and lotus’ appearing on brooches and c u f f l i n k s . Star pieceS? A vintage oval brooch with a bold lotus motif surrounded by a row of crystal is ideal for the groom to pair with a bandhgala. S ta r pieceS? Ranging from starburst earrings, starry-night ring, and comet earrings, the pieces are versatile and can be paired together or worn alone as a statement. I t ’s a m o d e r n collection, which anchors itself into a philosophy that is deeply rooted in the past. Star pieceS? As a departure from the preconceived notion that Swarovski only does crystals, I chose to use fantastic pearls to add to the shimmer of my dangling earrings. StYling tip? These versatile pieces boast of an antique feel with the use of gold, greys, and black diamond crystals making it a universal choice. manish arora deSign aeSthetic? My collection titled Life is Beautiful is a depiction of a utopian world. It immerses you into a land of enchanting fair ytales where animated hearts are juxtaposed against a backdrop of tropical magnificence. champion pieceS? The peacock and heart enamel cuff. It has a hint of Indian representation trapped in a contemporary setting. shivan narresh suneet varma deSign aeSthetic? deSign aeSthetic? The aesthetic is synonymous with the brand’s bold, confident, and sophisticated art- focussed approach. It’s a graceful, soft, and dreamy interpretation of decorative arts of India, cut out for the modern bride. champion pieceS? champion pieceS? The cougar cufflinks are an eclectic addition to a man’s wardrobe, while the emerald jazz earrings are ideal for a chic poolside mehendi. Add a dash of formal elegance to the cocktail look with the Art-Deco style monochrome chandelier earrings. The beautifully handcrafted maang tikas and chandelier earrings. StYling tip? The luxurious indulgence of precious finery, the magical beauty of one-off embellished wedding attire, and the sparkle ق\ۘ[\Y][]\HXYH›X]]]