Brides Today June-July 2017 - Page 136

A trip to SwarovSki CryStal worldS in austria is one that will leave you dazzled (quite literally). as one of austria’s most visited attractions, the brand’s iconic institution offers a magical menagerie of art and fashion installations. tapping into the illustrious repertoire of the brand’s collaborators, the locale offers Swarovski-studded pieces by the likes of Salvador dali, keith Haring, andy warhol, alexander McQueen, andré Heller, and andy Cao amongst others. as BAZAAR BRIDE captures the sparkle of exquisite designer jewellery for CoNFlUENCE set against the mesmerising site, we talk to Markus langes Swarovski, member of the executive and advisory board of the Swarovski Group, about the family-run powerhouse’s journey and design ethos. we also chart the organic journey of the collection as vivek ramabhadran, vice-president for asia South, Swarovski professional, speaks about the brand’s collaboration with indian designers. Brides, get ready to be dazzled. MARKUS LANGES SWAROVSKI Your great-grandfather founded SwarovSki more than a centurY ago in auStria. tell uS about the journeY. Swarovski has roots in disruptive technologies of the victorian era. throughout its history, Swarovski has always strived to remain true to our founder’s vision of a responsible company that acts at the forefront of design, creativity, and technological innovation. the business model has been expanded and extended in every generation, and we’ve always been able to provide a new impetus. how doeS the brand StaY relevant after over 120 YearS? longevity is a rare thing in corporate life, so it makes me very proud that 120 years later Swarovski is still a family-owned- and-run business. to still be leading the market The founder, Daniel today shows that what daniel Swarovski set Swarovski regarded out to achieve in 1895 crystal as a source of is still working, and that we create products pure inspiration. that people want to use because they really do add sparkle to their everyday lives. i think this kind of longevity also shows that our philosophy and ethos are valued just as much as our heritage, craftsmanship, artistry, and technological innovation. what waS the inSpiration behind the SwarovSki crYStal worldS and what are itS highlightS? this unique work of art perfectly reflects the original vision of the founder, daniel Swarovski, who regarded crystal as not only a high-quality material but a source of pure inspiration. in creating a world of wonders to mark Swarovski’s 100th anniversary, multimedia artist andré Heller used his entertainment concept to highlight the versatility of the sparkling substance by offering prestigious artists the opportunity to interpret crystal in their own way. andré Heller’s overall design concept was inspired by the art chamber at ambras Castle. His contemporary take on this historic, 16th-century gallery is particularly striking: the huge head of a giant dominates the skyline. if i had to name just one element, it would be the Crystal Cloud designed by the american-French duo Cao pErrot (andy Cao and Xavier perrot). this installation is fascinating on so many different levels. what makeS SwarovSki crYStalS Special? Swarovski has been creating the world’s finest crystals now for over 120 years. all over the planet, our name stands for heritage and glamour, innovation, and technical quality and reliability. we’re inventors—our creativity is grounded in technology. we continuously come up with new cuts, colours, and effects that act as catalysts for one’s imagination. the advanced Crystal standard is a prime example, and we’re very proud of it—an innovative lead-free crystal composition patented by Swarovski that offers maximum brilliance, which has set a new benchmark for the industry. Creatively, designers worldwide use Swarovski crystals to push boundaries in all design fields. objects and spaces of any kind can be crystallised. this is very exciting. are there anY exciting collaborationS with deSignerS and brandS coming up at SwarovSki? we’re currently working on an exciting new collaboration with iris van Herpen—new crystal cuts that she has designed for Swarovski, which will be unveiled in paris during Haute Couture week in July. what, in Your opinion, iS the importance of crYStal in the indian couture market? i see india as a vibrant, diverse country. Special occasions such as weddings and family affairs are celebrated on a large scale and are an important aspect of its culture. Couture for weddings is a big market. Families are prepared to invest in a good couture garment because it holds special significance and emotion and is often passed on from generation to generation. the use of crystal in couture and décor at indian weddings is often a YY[H]\ Z]HX]\H]Y\HXX[[Y[ˈH[Y]H\[\\H^HBURSPPQS[TX]H[\[ۈوۙY[H[Hۘ\و[[]\[X[TYۙ\[\TX]KHۘ\\ۈXHYXHوHӑQSH\Z[[Z[H[ܙX]]HZ[و[XH[]\[ٙ\[]'X]]H]\\'K\\H]\HX[ۈو][\H]XXYXH\YۙY]HܞHZ[] \XH][]H\\]BY[]Hو]ۋHX[ۈZ[\][[]\XX[ۜ›وH\Yۙ\&\[XYH[Yۘ]\H\[H[\و\ݜK]THTYۈT܈HX[ۏ܈\˜X]KH\]YHZ^و]\H[][\H\Yۙ\ˈ[BHH]\H\Yۙ\H]HܚY][H\ B[[Y\Yۙ\]H]\ܚY]][\HYܙKHӑQSH\[]X]Y[]\[^][Y][\]YHX[ۈ]\\[H\YۈܙX]]]H[[Y[KHX[ۈXYHY][ۘ[۝[\ܘ\H][\B\[\Y[&\X\ܚY\ˈ[H[ݘ][۔[X\]YH܂HX[ۏHݙH[^Xx&\\Hو\]YHX\]HX][%H][\]][ۈو\ݜHݚYHH[YBX[ˈH[YܙH][\\8&\[[Y\X\[\[X˜[]H[[Y[]\ݜHܞ\[%X۝[\ܘ\K