Brides Today June-July 2017 - Page 105

Au Naturale Oriflame’s sustainability advisor, Dr Natasha Williams O’Hanlon, on the need for a more conscious approach to beauty—both its consumption and production. By CAROLINE D’CRUZ W hen you think of “natural” or “sustainable” beauty, a manufacturing giant like Oriflame is likely to come to mind. As environmental concerns gain mileage around the world, the brand strives to bolster a growing business that is in harmony with nature. Dr Natasha Williams O’Hanlon, the sustainability advisor for the beauty brand sheds light on the need for the beauty industry to significantly reduce its ecological footprint and how to lead by example. “Oriflame has a commitment to become a sustainable company and what I really ecoBeauty range wanted to do was to actually from top: smoothing and ligthening eye develop a range that cream, smoothing and embodies sustainability. So, radiance face cream, and hydrating and for me, sustainability in a illuminating serum. product is about looking at natural, ethical, and environmentally responsible products. The brand already knows how to develop natural products. We needed to build a range that embodies this concept and then we wanted to get it externally validated. That’s what the EcoBeauty range is all about,” she says about the brand’s newest launch. How does one get external validation for natural and organic products though? “We worked with Ecocert Cosmos, a leading French leading certification body for natural and organic cosmetics, which also considers the environmental impact of raw materials and packaging,” she informs us. And keeping these elements in mind, the EcoBeauty range was developed. In fact, even the packaging of the products is minimal. “Because we’re a responsible organisation, we’ve always used minimal packaging. So, a lot of our products, come in tubes, but very plain, simple tubes, using just one material. We believe in packaging our products in a minimalist manner with cartons and raw materials that have been sourced responsibly. During the entire process, we’re very conscious of what we’re producing. Even our paper packaging comes from responsible practices,” says O’Hanlon. O’Hanlon also expressed the need for Fairtrade and how it is an “absolute must” to give back to the community that the ingredients are sourced from.“With Fairtrade we want to support the communities that we’re buying from. A portion from the sale of all our products of the EcoBeauty range goes back to the community, which helps them develop themselves socially and ethically,” she adds. With Oriflame’s net-positive-impact vision, we’re hoping, more than ever, that this vision makes a global impact. ■ 105