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Why You Should Not Be Needy With Your Ex If you are a person that is insecure and is afraid of being without a mate, then you can be considered as needy. Being needy traps you from getting out and about when your mate is not around. If you broke up and looking to get back with your ex, you may have a difficult time. You will have to learn to get out of the trap that you’re in and let go. When you are needy, you always feel like you need someone to talk to. Keep in mind that there will be times that you cannot talk to your ex. They may be busy doing other things at that time. You have to know that your ex is possibly interested in getting back. However, don’t stop your whole world because of it. Your life must still go on. Being needy means that you need to be reassured that you are loved. When working to get back with your ex, there are some things that you should not do:  Show your desperation outwardly.  Squander the other person’s time.  Constantly asking them whether or not they are still interested in getting back together with you.  Constantly asking other questions in regard to feelings.  Give them the space they need.  Don’t call them every day or every few hours. If you are working to get back with your ex, the last thing he or she wants is for someone to be calling them or hounding them every few hours. The more you do it, the quicker you push them away from you. Then you will really experience being by yourself. Don’t center your life around your ex. Be free to do other things. Find other activities that you are interested in. When you do spend time with your ex, you will appreciate it more. Being needy is dangerous and can lead to a failed reunion.