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Avoid Being Desperate When you are starting over again with your ex, don’t be in a hurry. Take your time and don’t overdo it. Your ex will be able to sense that desperation in your actions and by what you say. Take it day by day and allow the process to take its course. Being desperate will do nothing but push your ex away. Think about what you guys did on your first date. Maybe you went to the movies or to the museum. Try doing some of the things that you did when you were dating the first time. You’re basically starting over anyway, so why not start from the beginning. Don’t call each other every day starting out. You must give you ex space and time to be alone. Allow them to miss you for a few days. If you are always talking to them on the phone or seeing them every day, then they cannot miss you. Eventually, they may get tired of being around you before it’s all said and done. With your free time, you can find other activities that will keep you busy. Engage in activities that you were involved in before the ex came back into your life. You can take a walk in the park, or get together with friends over dinner. Or you can go to the movies by yourself. If you don’t like to do that, then rent some movies to watch at home. You must remember that having that space is crucial in order for both parties to appreciate one another. Don’t be so bold as to let them know that you want to go out with them once you guys get back together. Start out as a platonic friendship and work it from there. Make eye contact as you are talking to each other. Don’t show your feelings too soon. Wait and you will know when the time is right to do that. Keep a friendly atmosphere and once it’s time to move to the next step, you will know. Make sure to avoid the attachment phase. You have to be an independent person and think for yourself. Men, in particular prefer women who are independent. They may not say it, but if they sense that you are needy, some of them will play the stringing game. They will string you along until they have no more use for you. You are responsible for making and keeping yourself happy. Don’t depend on anyone else to do it for you. If you do, you will be disappointed. Once you channel into your independent mode, your ex will notice and will probably crawl back to you. They will realize what they missed and will do anything to get you back into his or her good graces.