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How To Get Your Ex To Rekindle The Love For You Again There was the time when you and your ex had a loving relationship. You cuddled, you kissed, and you just couldn’t stay away from each other. Now that you have broken up and trying to get back together, it can feel weird because you’ve been away from each other for a while. However, there are some ways to rekindle that love you once had:  Change the way you look. If you used to look ordinary, spice it up. For women, it could mean getting new clothes and a new hairstyle. Men like to see women looking their best. With men, they can step it up a notch in the clothing department as well. When you’re on a date, try wearing dress pants instead of jeans all of the time. Get some new perfume or cologne.  Take things slow. There’s no reason to rush into anything. Keep the lines of communication open. It’s also important to keep eye contact. You will know whether or not they are really serious about getting back together.  Compliment each other. People like compliments. It helps to boost their self esteem. You can reminisce about the good times you guys shared. Plus, you can make them happen again when the time is right.  Don’t be in a rush for that loving feeling. You have to make sure that you are open to receive. Don’t bring baggage in from previous relationships. Rushing can push your ex away. They may not want to come back after that.  Go at a slow, but steady pace. You want to be their friend first. Everything else will work itself out.  Be yourself and your ex will appreciate you for it. If they knew your personality back then and wasn’t offended, then rest assured you have no reason to make changes. Don’t come on too strong. Your ex can get offended and go elsewhere.