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Should You Date Your Ex? You may be thinking about dating your ex again after a break up. If you do decide to go that route, you need to be sure this is what you want to do. Should it not work out, there could be hard feelings on one or both sides. On the other hand, if it turns out ok, then you won't have to hold your breath. You will feel relieved because you had a nice time. However, don't rush too fast into it because you may not know what is on your ex's mind initially. It may take a minute or two to find out. You have to be comfortable while you are dating your ex. Make sure that you have gotten over the past hurt and anger that was in your previous relationship with them. You will not feel at ease unless you know that part of your past is totally behind you. Don’t relive the past and what happened. Forget about it and move on. You will have to do that if you want a fresh start with your ex. It's ok to reminisce on the good times, but leave the bad times alone. It will also take time for you to get over any hurt and pain that you and your ex experienced in the previous relationship. Before you can move on, learn from your mistakes and vow not to repeat them again. If you and your ex are looking to start fresh in a relationship with each other, start slow and don’t expect a lot from each other in the beginning. Going slow is the best way to renew and rekindle a relationship. Both of you will be able to start fresh and make amends. You will be able to pick up on things more because you will have learned from the past. You won't be naïve to things like you were before. You have to be cognizant of your actions that may have offended your ex in the past. Try not to make those same mistakes in the new relationship. You ex should feel the same way about mistakes he or she made in the past. Make sure that you have forgiven your ex for things they may have done to hurt or humiliate you from the last relationship. You cannot move forward until you are free from that bondage. Forgiveness not only helps your ex, but it helps you as well. Don't bring up anything in the past that relates to the hurt and pain that you and your ex experienced. If you're not sure about exclusively dating your ex, you may want to date others before you make your decision. Besides, there is no guarantee that you will hook up with your ex again.