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What Does Your Ex Want From A Relationship? It has been shown that the more you try to get your ex back, the more they try to stay away from you. In other words, if you become needy and desperate to get your ex back, your ex will find you more repulsive. You start to do things that you would never do if it were someone else. People who get kicked to the curb after a break up usually think that it was caused by not being good enough for their beau. This makes them feel that they need to do more in order to win back their ex’s love and affection. However, that is not necessarily the case. What your ex really wants is someone who can think for themselves and has a strong will to be the best they can be. They also want someone who will challenge them to be the best that they can be. The key word here is “challenge”. Just like your ex enjoys the challenge of you playing hard to get, they want someone who can give them a run for their money. They want someone who can think for themselves and be independent. If there is only one person in the relationship that decides everything that goes on, there is no challenge within that union. The relationship is just one-sided and that is not exciting. Your ex is always looking for a challenge and excitement. They always want something new to stir up the pot in a good way. They want to see more than what they have. They want to explore and experience other things outside of what they know. For most relationships, this is not something that people think about. They just know that they have feelings for their partner and want to spend the rest of their lives with them. By getting to explore more than just wining and dining, both parties have elevated their relationship to another level. Find out what your ex really wants in regard to a relationship. Ask them questions. You may be surprised at their answers. Don’t take them for granted and assume that they are always looking for a romp in the sack. There is more to a relationship than just doing that. Once you know what they really want, you can make plans to make some changes for the better. You may find out that your ex has ended up dating another person. Just because they are dating someone else does not mean that it’s etched in stone. If you are still thinking about getting back with your ex, you can still peek their curiosity. Act on what you need to and show your ex that you can fulfill his or her needs. Leave the door open for your ex to wonder what you are going to do. Make it a mystery so that will be curious as to what you have in store. You don’t need to reveal everything. That would spoil it for you and your ex.