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Doing The Little And Simple Things For And With Your Ex There are things that you can do to show your ex that you are serious about getting back with them and staying together. However, there are some people that think you have to spend a lot of money and always do something big in order to impress them. That is not true. A lot of times it’s the little and simple things that you can do that will stand out. The little things are those that your ex will appreciate the most. They can be planned or they can be spontaneous. There are some women and men who are not into big productions when it comes to winning them over. You can save that for another time. Here are some of the little things you can do for your ex once you’ve gotten past the getting back together stage:  Compliment them on how they look. Tell them how beautiful or how handsome they are.  Give them a single rose.  Give them a hug and let them know how much you appreciate them.  Call them spontaneously and let them know that you are thinking about them.  Hold their hand.  Give them a massage after a rough day.  Leave them notes and let them know how you feel.  Place your arm around them as you’re taking a walk.  Smile at them. These are little things that you can do with your ex before you get into more romance and loving each other more. It shows that you care about your ex and that your ex cares about you. It means that both of you are willing to take the relationship to another level. It’s important to show some kind of action in order to indicate where you guys are going with this union. There’s no use in stringing the other person along if you are not serious about moving forward with them.