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Tips For Playing Hard To Get Playing hard to get is about flirting, even when you are doing it with your ex. Even if with that, you must know that your ex is worth investing in again. The point of doing this is so you and your ex can get back together again. When you're playing hard to get with your ex, the purpose this time is to see if they are really interested in having a relationship with you again. You don't want any hurt feelings on either side. Plus, you or your ex may feel that you were taken for granted before the break up. Just because the thought of getting back together is there, that does not mean that you or your ex can play it safe. You can't take for granted that your ex is going to automatically fall in love with you again. Here are some tips you can use to see if the strategy will work:  When your ex calls, you don’t always have to answer the phone. It's your call as when you want to talk to them. Keep them wondering a little bit. Try not to always make yourself available when they call.  Since this should be a challenge, you don't want to come off as an easy person. You want them to sweat a little. That way, you will know whether or not they are really serious about reconciling.  You don't have to speak with your ex every day. It can get boring and one or both of you can lose interest rather quickly.  When you know your ex is not there, call him or her and leave a message. Let them know that you regret missing to speak with them. This indicates interest; however, don't let the cat totally out of the bag.  Don’t show a hint of desperation. Just hold on to the mystery that is inside of you for a moment.  Once you and your ex make headway to reconciliation, you can stop using this strategy. It's become serious and your ex will probably be tired of the games by then.