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Your ex won't feel that it's in their best interest to pursue the relationship again. You have to think out of the box. If you were passive in the previous relationship, show your ex that you are now a different person. You are no longer the "easy" and "willing" person you once were. You must be worth your ex's time in order for him or her to chase after you. You should feel honored and special that you can keep your ex guessing for a moment. You want your ex to see that you are valuable in the relationship. So that means no sleeping around on the first date, even if you did it with him or her previously. You can't do it this time. Otherwise, your ex will leave you alone. As you are playing hard to get, you want to have such an impact on your ex that they would not want anyone else but you. Keep in mind that you can only be a challenge to them for so long. Once the relationship has been rekindled, it's time for a more serious role on both sides.