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Playing Hard To Get Playing hard to get is something that some male and females try to master. It is a way of testing the other to see if they are really interested in you. Playing hard to get involves mystery and the love of chasing after the other. Sometimes, one or the other will try to make it impossible to be with them. That can be a little too much. It's ok to be unavailable sometimes, but if you make it too difficult, they will just go on and pursue someone else. When you play hard to get, you make yourself valuable to the person that is pursuing you. If you are always available for your ex, they will not perceive you as a challenge. To them, you are too easy, too needy and too clingy. It seems though more men than women prefer a challenge. If they feel that they can manipulate you into doing what they want, then they don’t want you. They don’t even want to go out on a date with you anymore. Another turnoff is if one or both of you is controlling or demanding. That just says that you always want to be in charge, no matter what. That can run your ex away. You have to be different for your ex. Your ex has to see things that they did not see the first time in your relationship. They need to see things that will make them tick and be interested. Don't settle for being ordinary. Maybe you can dress a little different—not provocative. Say for instance, if you always wore sweats around your ex when you were together, maybe try wearing some nice dress slacks or a nice skirt suit. If you are a woman and didn't wear makeup before, go to a department store and have someone apply makeup on your face. If you're a guy that doesn't wear cologne, pick out some that have a nice scent. These are simple changes and your ex will immediately notice the difference. You need to know what makes your ex tick. You may have failed to do that in the past, but with reconciliation, you have another chance. It can make the difference in your renewed relationship with him or her. When you're playing hard to get with your ex, you need to know that they are appealing enough to go after. You don't want to be predictable and have your ex knowing what you are going to do and say. People in that category don’t' provide a sense of mystery and are not a challenge for the ex that is chasing him or her.