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Other Actions To Avoid If you are really serious about getting your ex back, just as you need to do some things, there are also some things that you need to avoid: Heeding the warnings can help you move back closer into the relationship that you once had with your ex:  Avoid being straightforward and upfront. That can be a sign of neediness and desperation on your part.  Don’t use expletives, especially if you did not use them before in your relationship with your ex. Using expletives is not ladylike nor is it gentlemanlike either. It can put a bad taste in your ex’s mouth.  Be nice to your ex. Otherwise, they won’t want to give you the time of day.  Don’t set them up with your other friends. If you want him or her for yourself, you need to act like it.  Be yourself and don’t start acting like anyone else. Don’t be fake. Don’t be or act like something that you’re not. Your ex will be able to see right through you. They want you just as you are.  Jealousy is not a good feeling to have. When you get jealous, you start to feel insecure and not trustworthy of your ex. You get scared that your ex is seeing someone else. When you start feeling like that, then you are jeopardizing the reconciliation.  Don’t make your ex jealous. They will realize that you are playing games and may not want to participate.  Don’t use his or her best friend as leverage to get back at your ex.  Don’t lie to your ex. Be truthful with him or her. They will be able to trust you easier when you’re honest with them.  Do not let on to him or her how much you miss them, at least not immediately. Wait until the relationship has gotten more serious again to do that. If you do it too soon, you may run your ex away.  Don’t start flirting right away. A nice smile says it all. Later on when you and your ex start to get close again, then you may think about flirting with him or her.