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Partnering adds strength In 1993–94, the Corporation hired an environmental DCC has always sought to adopt the best practices engineer to design and co-ordinate the cleanup of the construction industry in order to improve the program at CFB Goose Bay and to provide specialized project delivery process. Borrowing from the success of environmental expertise as well as manage the resulting the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Associated contracts. The same year, a $1 million contract for General Contractors of America, DCC and DND jointly environmental cleanup at St. Margarets in New Brunswick adopted project partnering for major projects. Here’s was completed, while large cleanups were underway at how the 1993–94 Annual Report described partnering CF installations in Ottawa, Petawawa, Toronto and North in the Atlantic Region: Bay. The following year saw soil remediation work at CFB Valcartier, lead removal from the soil at Longue “ ‘Partnering charters’ were signed for two large projects Pointe Garrison in Montreal, and ordnance cleanup at in Halifax; these were the Main Base Supply Building the St. Maurice Firing Range in Quebec. and the Base Headquarters Building. Partnering charters are agreements which call for all parties to In 1994, the Auditor General reported large expenditures the contract to recognize each others’ individual goals on environmental cleanup by the government the previous and priorities. It is expected that partnering will year, with huge efforts required in future years. DND, as greatly reduce the potential for confrontation in the the largest federal landowner, held a significant share of construction process.” that financial liability based on contamination from hydrocarbons, heavy metals, unexploded explosive Between the initial trials and the spring of 1997, 50 ordnance in training areas and a variety of other chemical contaminants resulting from operations and projects had been partnered, including the replacement research over the years. Environmental cleanup quickly of Jetty NB at the Halifax Dockyard—the first project became an area of great demand for DCC support. to use the technique in the design phase. The Annual Report that year described its success: “ The users, designers (PWGSC), DND project managers and DCC took advantage of this cooperative approach to build relationships and to solve problems during the 88 BREAKING NEW GROUND DEFENCE CONSTRUCTION CANADA