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Prior to his appointment as President and CEO of DCC in September 2009, James Paul served as president of a Canadian information technology company and as chair of the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation. Over a career spanning nearly three decades, the University of Ottawa law graduate held senior management positions in several large technology firms. Responding to a new global reality As the second decade of the new millennium opened, it offered a fitting opportunity to reflect on the first 60 years of Defence Construction Canada’s history and on the organization’s strong vision for the future. In the early 1950s, threats to the world’s security were far more straightforward than they are today: wars then were most often fought against a clear, identified opponent, and threats arose from similarly visible sources. Today, however, Canada is part of the post- 9/11 world, in which threats—including terrorism, cyberthreats and other non-traditional sources—are more often asymmetrical, and we have moved from “traditional” peacekeeping to an active role in peace enforcement and conflict in locations such as Afghanistan. As it has always done, the Department of National Defence has evolved to reflect this changing reality. DCC has evolved along with it, meeting—and, in fact, anticipating—its Client-Partner’s needs. The Canadian government has responded to the new demands placed on it by providing more funding for defence infrastructure to repair and replace under the Canada First Defence Strategy what was cut back during the program review of the 1990s—to the point where DCC is working at 122 levels beyond to those that marked the intense pace of the 1950s. It was within this environment that DCC gained a new President. Upon the retirement of Ross Nicholls in 2009, James Paul was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of DCC, becoming the Corporation’s fifth president effective September 8, 2009. He arrived at DCC with 30 years of management and board experience in both the public and private sectors, particularly in high- growth environments such as that of DCC. A former senior executive with several successful Canadian technology companies, he has managed fast-growing organizations, chaired a Crown corporation and developed products for defence applications. Throughout his career, Jim has worked extensively with engineers, project managers and contractors on critical infrastructure projects in the civilian, government and defence sectors. He has also worked on the planning, financing and construction of a number of major building infrastructure projects in Canada, the United States and Europe. These projects included general office buildings, as well as specialized technology facilities such as high-tech manufacturing and semi- conductor fabrication facilities. BREAKING NEW GROUND DEFENCE CONSTRUCTION CANADA