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approach, and the contractor, Bird Construction, has put a lot of effort at the beginning of the process to prepare the design drawings—but at the same time, they’ve been able to get some of the work done as a parallel activity. Work was completed well before the delivery of the helicopters. Project: Continuing the DEW Line Cleanup This project showcases how a DCC-staffed project management office seamlessly integrates all the DCC service lines—contracting, construction services, environmental services, real property support and program management—and thus enhances the overall service to DND. A key player in the project since its beginning in 1995, DCC has coordinated not only its own service lines but also consultant expertise including engineering, scientific, archaeological and biophysical support. DCC’s role in monitoring the landfills for 25 years will continue until 2036. As the DEW Line Cleanup project continued through the 2000s, the 2007–08 season marked a significant mile- stone—the completion of the site investigation phase. With DND responsible for the environmental cleanup of 21 former Arctic radar stations, DCC continues to provide its client with project and contract management through a dedicated project management office in Ottawa. Associate Project Manager Steve Poaps explained in 2007 that the project was DCC’s first foray into large- scale project management support, and has proved a very successful model: BREAKING NEW GROUND DEFENCE CONSTRUCTION CANADA 119