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A chartered accountant, Angelo Ottoni joined DCC in 2001 and since then has held the position of Vice-President, Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer at Head Office in Ottawa. Prior to joining DCC, he worked for nine years in the technology industry and 15 years with a major international accounting firm. In 2007–08, meanwhile, DCC dedicated an employee Past and present… to guiding and implementing CFB Suffield’s Green Plan, Ottawa, 2008—Franca Milito I started in the accounting section and went to the launched by the Base Commander as a grass-roots engineering section and worked in the projects control initiative to involve every person on the base—worker, area with the two Vice-Presidents and the staff there— resident, military and civilian—in making the environ- I learned quite a bit from my co-worker, Viola Toole—she ment a part of everyday decisions. took a guiding hand with me. It was warm, like family. Supporting operations Rita Caminiti, who was hired two years before Franca Over the years DCC has ensured that it has the right mix and now works as a system support analyst, recalls a of corporate services resources to help deliver services. similar feeling. These resources have included finance and accounting, human resources, administrative services, information Payday lunches… technology support and corporate communications, Ottawa, 2008—Rita Caminiti and the corporate secretariat (as part of the Office of Every payday we all went out for lunch and sometimes the President). The corporate services group provides the President would join us. I was 18 years old and support services to the entire organization as well as most people were double my age at that time. It was contract financial administration services to the client. really a family connection back then—everybody kind of took you under their wing, and to this day some of Looking back… the mentoring and coaching has stayed with me—that’s It can be a slightly bittersweet exercise to look back at the past, something that’s not lost on accountant the way that I still operate today… I’ve been fortunate to Franca Milito, who has seen considerable changes over go out in the field quite a bit and once you go out and the 30 years that she’s spent with DCC. see their environment, you have a better understanding of what a day in their life is like. If they’re calling you, they’re in trouble and so there’s always a bit of a negative, but when you meet them on their turf, you can develop great friendships across the country. 114 BREAKING NEW GROUND DEFENCE CONSTRUCTION CANADA