bREAK. THE. bOX. April 2014 - Page 38

These young twin girls are only 11 years old and have already accomplished something most of us can't do until our mid-life crisis wakes us up - the pursuit of a passion with discipline.

In addition to maintaining a high profile in the dance world as up and coming (already here to some) dancers, the girls have managed to keep their grades up. You don't have to quit on your academic goals to pursue your passion, bOX bREAKERS!

Additionally, they've become the faces of The Fever international Dance Championships and were awarded scholarships to The Americcan Ballet Theatre's annual "Young Dancers Summer Workshop!"

Watch their interview and let us know what you think about these adorable and inspiring bOX bREAKING dIVAS!

Imani Lindsay & Nia Lindsay


"The Lindsay Twins"