Bread May-June 2014

Jeff Holt/Save the Children bread Recipients of American food aid like this woman in Bangladesh would benefit under the reforms that Bread for the World is seeking to U.S. food-aid programs. Food-Aid Reforms Endangered By Alyssa Casey In April, the House passed a Coast Guard reauthorization bill that includes a provision that could drastically reduce the number of hungry people that U.S. food aid can reach. The provision would significantly increase cargo-preference restrictions, rules requiring that a certain percentage of all cargo funded by the United States–including food-aid products–must be transported on American ships with American crews. The reauthorization bill would require 75 percent of all U.S. food aid to be shipped on U.S. vessels. The resulting increase in shipping costs would reduce funding for programs that help support U.S. humanitarian efforts. (See Food Aid on page 2) IN THIS ISSUE Advocacy in Action 3 Bread Slices 4 Fellow Profile 5 Policy Focus 6 Field Focus 7 Contact Us 8 BREAD FOR THE WORLD is a collective Christian voice urging our nation’s decision makers to end hunger at home and abroad May-June 2014 | ACT NOW! The Senate is considering legislation that would increase transportation costs for U.S. food aid by $75 million each year, and leave 2 million vulnerable people without access to lifesaving foodaid programs. The proposal, which would increase in the amount of U.S. food aid that must be shipped on American vessels, threatens our country’s ability to provide assistance to people in need. Contact your senators and tell them to reject any provision that would increase transportation costs for food aid. Call the Capitol switchboard to be connected to your senators: 800-826-3688.