Brand.ed Magazine Issue 4 : #i4War - Page 27

“LESSONS FROM THE PAST” Lets take a look at the business model. allowed users to sign up for free, create profiles, communicate with each oth- er, and post pictures online. Once it attracted a certain number of users, the site was then able to sells advertising to businesses looking to sell to this highly impressionable market with loads of free time and disposable income. Marketers know that if they can hook a customer in college, they may have them for life. Both and used this same model so why did fail? Innovation is not taking someone else's product or intellectual property and finding a way to use and pass it of b2W"vFVFW&R&Pv2f"W2Fv&FvWFW"'WBB7F'G2vFG&7&V766VF&ƗGBVRFB&RvƖrFWffR6&&FfPVFVf'2#p