Brand.ed Magazine Issue 4 : #i4War - Page 25

“MAKE TIME TO PRACTICE .” Everyone has heard the statement “Practice Makes Perfect” Where does per- fect practice fit into a daily schedule that barely allows for bathroom breaks? When professional presentation requires training, When you’re grinding, working multiple jobs outside of your passion you have to find the time right? When do you sleep? The best thing you can do is to break it up. Breaking up your practice, breaking up your workout, breaking up your sleep some times. One of the things that I found to be the greatest help to having a full time job and still needing to practice was to break up my practice time into smaller increments. I might not have 2 hours to practice in a day, but I might have 30 minutes at 4 different times in a day. Now to work this way takes the discipline to protect those times, which, can be rough when life is happening. You may not get to all of your incremental times, but the goal is to set aside time to practice. The time must be sacred and you must protect it as much as you can. Take as much as you can. Of course If you’re a single dad, or a lady prepping for a board meeting, you might find yourself running lines, or doing vocal exercises in your car. Believe it or not, THIS IS NORMAL. The point of this article is to remind myself more than anyone else to make time to practice, no matter how much. RASHONMEDLOCK.COM 25