Brand.ed Magazine Issue 4 : #i4War - Page 23

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW WITH ZECH WILSON| BRANDEDMAG.US We like to give a spotlight feature to young artists who are forging their own path and breaking the mold. This time we connected with teen singing sensation, Zariya who is known as the young lady with "the money voice" and hails from Florida but now resides in Atlanta. We find out about her new single "Let It Go", the biggest motivation in her life and much more. You recently released your debut single/video for "Let It Go", describe how you felt. It's a feeling that is hard to describe. Like you literally wait your whole life to record your first single. Then to shoot a video in your home town with all your friends and family. It's kinda not explainable. You just feel blessed Number one Motivation in life and why? My family is my #1 motivation. My parents sacrificed so much for me to be able to pursue my dreams. My brothers and my sis- ters are all watching, so I want them to know that hard work pays off and if I can be successful then so can they in whatever they pursue in life. Greatest fan interaction so far? I was at Applebees one night after a show in Montgomery, AL. I was singing and just messing around and this lady came to my table in full out tears. She said that hearing my voice saved her life. It reminded her that beautiful things exist in this life. All is not lost. I started crying too and so did my Mom and my manager. And why should people know your music, what will you bring to the music industry? Its simple, I sing real R&B and I keep it true to my style which is jazz influenced with a hip hop heart beat. Like I'm that girl who can sing because it's my gift. Im not made in the studio, I am made by God, he gave me a real gift. So if you love soulful music that is sung with passion and skill, that's me. What do you want people to get from "Let It Go"? I want people to know that sometimes in life you have to just say enough is enough. It can be in relationships, friendships, anything really. Like it will be hard but you have to put yourself first and know that by letting go, something better is coming your way. Best piece of advice received and from whom? My Grandma told me that a lady is a lady even when nobody is watching. I like that cause at the end of the day I'm me even when I'm alone. I think it's about having self respect and not just for show but for real in life . Biggest lesson learned so far being in the music industry? The biggest lesson I learned so far is to trust my team and keep our circle tight. I have tough conversations with my team and we are very straight up with one another. I seen other camps where it's real messy, no trust and no loyalty. In my opinion that hurts the artist and kills their career. I don't have time for that and I feel it's important to know who really has your best interest at the end of the day. Any shoutouts? Shouts outs to my Mom and Dad, San and TPooh McClary, Balewa Muhammad, Mimi Jones, Chaz, Ben, Mr. Reid and everyone who has helped me make this dream possible. Lands and Grooves ATL is my management, so hit them up and bring me to your city ! Find out more about Zariya by visiting 23