Brand.ed Magazine Issue 4 : #i4War - Page 21

IS YOUR BUSINESS INSTAGRAM READY? ARTICLE BY NYCKIE C. Step 1- Have A Captivating Bio: Your bio is where people will see your brand personality. Here is where you set the stage for what people can expect from your brand and if they want to follow your message. Your bio should have your mission statement, a strong call to action, any social proof, and your URL. *Pro Tip: Remember that your headline is searchable, so be sure to include a keyword that your followers can associate with you. Step 2- Create Cohesion: Think of your Instagram feed as the home page for your business. Keep it clean with a solid theme, photo style, color palette, and focus. Your followers should be able to scroll and see a clear brand message. They should not be lost or confused with blurry pictures or random selfies. Be consistent and take quality photos. *Pro Tip: The use of filters can help create a seamless flow and brand image. Step 3- Say it in the Caption: The caption is where you tell your story. Remember, Instagram favors overall engagement, not just likes. This means your caption has to add value and have a strong call to action for more people to engage with your post. *Pro Tip: Be sure to include specific hashtags in your caption and in the first comment to attract your target audience to your post. Step 4- Story Time!!: Since Instagram has created stories, they favor accounts who utilize this feature heavily. You can use your stories for behind the scene (BTS) videos, geo location for your brand, and even hashtag your stories to increase awareness. The idea is to really vamp up your stories to get more exposure to your account. *Pro Tip: Try out stories today with a poll to gauge what your followers would like to see from your brand. There you have it my friends. Using the above steps creates a strategy guide to help you kill it on the gram. Remember that Instagram isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. So, don’t go buy “followers” or take quick steps to increase engagement. Building a strong fan base does take time. But once you get momentum, it’s a sure-fire way to increase sales thus creating a solid long-term foundation for your business. 21