Brand.ed Magazine Issue 4 : #i4War - Page 19

What do you feel is the "real message " that we as people should be open to receive right now? Healing. It’s so important to heal. Human beings go through a lot of heartache and strife, and for the most part I feel as though our culture have this “harden up” and get over it attitude. We need to allow ourselves to heal, it’s so crucial. Realizing your passion is another important one. So many young people are bombarded with options in this age that a lot are find- ing it really hard to realize what their passion and calling is upon their life. Our ultimate Dreams & what God has put in our hearts is easily drowned out by the constant need for instant gratification & information that is pushed on us every time we go online. We have so much to consume online & everywhere else that it’s easy to lose focus on what we really want and need. It’s crucial that we truly allow ourselves the opportunity to realize our passion and dreams in silence & solitude within ourselves. What is it been like as a female musician working in Auckland? To be honest, I think I have it quite good here. My country is now run by a fairly liberal government, a young unmarried pregnant woman to be exact, so when I think I have it hard I look at our prime minister and laugh at how small my problems are. The is still sexism in the workplace no matter the industry or part of the world, but I try to live as an example that women can do anything they want by not giving into social constructs. What do you think is the overall aspect of the politics of where you from when it comes to music? Over here, Hip Hop is massive. We have a very big underground scene and because our population is so small, everyone really is connected to everyone. It's important to be humble here, it's nothing like the USA from what I've experienced which can work for us and against us at times. Working in the states has made me push myself to step out of my comfort zone, realize my worth and push for what I believe I deserve. There's also a lot of people that struggle with the "Tall Poppy" mentality which is being broken the more people step out of their comfort zones. It's an exciting time in NZ for producers especially. Is there anyone you want to recognize? A few I'd like to give props to are Raiza Biza (Ammonation), SmokeyGotBeatz, JessB, Omni Potent, SWIDT, MADCAP & Base FM. These people are redefining the scene and we're lucky to have them. Thank you Mr. Banks for this amazing interview ! What project should we look out or expect next from you ? I've got a video coming out in April that I've been working on for a few months now, along with a new single. I can't wait to share it!! VILLETTE “DRIP CRIMSON” ALBUM OUT NOW 19