Brand.ed Magazine Issue 4 : #i4War - Page 14

Based in Chesapeake, VA, Homemadesoul Music is a music licensing and publishing firm created to partner with independent artists. Our Mission is to connect with independent artists all over the world, educate, empower, and equip them with the tools to generate revenue for the music they create. Through our partnership agreement, we provide transparency, the sharing of resources, and an opportunity to learn about the many possibilities within the music business. If your a songwriter, we have music for you to write to. If your a beat maker, we have songwriters and artists who need your music, as well as placement opportunities. If your an artist, we have songwriters and beatmakers who can craft the sound you need. Throughout our network, we also have creative professionals willing to offer their services in photography, videography, styling, and graphic design. Homemadesoul Music also provides publishing administration services for the sole purpose of generating long-term revenue for musical works provided by independent artists. From our efforts, artists from all around the world are awakening to the vast opportunities that are available to them. 14